Communications Technologies, Inc. (“CTI”) is privileged to have a wide and varied non-commercial client base and to have had the opportunity to design new non-commercial FM stations across the United States for these clients. CTI’s dedication to NCE FM is seen, in part, by Laura Mizrahi’s contribution of time to the National Association of College Broadcasters (“NACB”) from 1988 through 1997 as the Associations’ engineering advisor, Advisory Board member of NACB, panelist and contributor of technical articles for College Broadcasting magazine. Her involvement continued when the NACB organization was reincarnated in 1998 as College Broadcasters, Inc. (“CBI”). Ms. Mizrahi is a regular panelist and contributor at CMA/CBI annual conventions.

As an aid to our NCE clients, and others interested in NCE FM broadcasting, several updates and technical memos are available on our website as listed below. It should be noted that these memos are for general information purposes only and cannot be relied upon to cover every aspect of a particular subject.