The majority of Communications Technologies, Inc.’s work is with commercial AM, FM and television broadcast stations. The firm has clients in all 50 states but has also developed custom medium wave antenna systems at several locations in the Middle East and has undertaken facility design work for stations located in the Caribbean. Clients range from small owner/operator facilities to the largest group owners.

Broadcast engineering services regularly provided to clients include:

  • Allocation studies to determine the viability of a new station or upgrade in coverage for an existing facility.
  • Design of custom directional and non-directional antenna systems to meet rigid allocation restrictions.
  • Antenna system bandwidth optimization for HDTV and IBOC operation.
  • Preparation of engineering portions of FCC Application for Construction Permit and License.
  • Antenna system installation and testing specifications are developed for each project. Installation supervision and adjustments are offered throughout the U.S. and abroad by an experienced, trusted, select group of engineers who partner with CTI as subcontractors, operating under the firm’s direction, allowing timely and quality project implementation at reasonable cost.


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