In November 2002, the Commission adopted new frequency coordination procedures for the filing and licensing of most fixed point to point aural and TV broadcast stations. The new Rules became effective on October 16, 2003 and immediately placed new burdens on AM, FM and TV stations owners. Under the new Rules, detailed interference analysis for aural STL facilities including the appropriate engineering studies to avoid interference to other users is required. Additionally, notification, wherein the proposed frequency usage determined from the interference analysis is forwarded to all existing licensees and applicants whose facilities could affect or be affected by the proposal is also a requirement. This notification is called a “Prior Coordination Notice” or “PCN”, which notification contains all of the technical operating parameters of the proposed system. The completion and filing of a FCC Form 601 application completes the process.

Effective January 1, 2017 CTI no longer provides this service preferring to focus on the needs on AM, FM and TV broadcaster main and auxiliary facility design and implementation. CTI can recommend firms who have STL expertise to clients who need STL services if they do not already work with a contrcator. We feel that firms who have knowledge of broadcast facilities are best able to assist the typical broadcast station.